Monday, February 22, 2010

Sneak Peak for Shaun! :)

So Shaun, I'm not gonna show you the complete finished products (ie paintings) for the baby...but I'll give you some little sneak peaks as they come up. I got some time last night to work on them after sleeping in from being sick all weekend. I had a little extra energy last night and so I stayed up and played! These are still not finished....
Like the paint cloth drop it's on?

:) wish you could see more of it in focus?

. . .

. . .
Hope you enjoyed your little sneak peak!! :) I can't wait to meet the little sweetie that this is all for! :)
Love y'all!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

I turned 32 on Saturday, where oh where did the time go?? I mean...32? How did I get this old? Yea yea, I know it's not old...but...I just don't know how all these years passed by so quickly. I feel like I was 18 and going off to college for the 1st time just yesterday. ( mamaw did that sound?) Anyway....

So my Mom came over on Wednesday to celebrate with me, since I had to work over the weekend. She made me some yummy, yummy, from scratch, chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter & cream cheese icing! Wow, talk about yummy! Um um um...gotta take them to work tomorrow to get rid of them and get them out of my house. I can't quit eating them.

We also went shopping. It was so afternoon with no thoughts of school or testing or studying. Oh but it was waiting like an evil demon for me when I got home. Stupid school.

This is my sweet Mommy! She is so gonna kill me for putting up this picture...but I think it's pretty.
So a fake smile though?!? :)

This is my kiddo eating up those yummy cupcakes. Just these pictures of him eating them makes me want one!!!

Mom & Me after our shopping afternoon! I was so tired & so not looking forward to getting back to hitting the books! Oh well...part of it.
Thanks Mom for such a great afternoon! Love you!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Less Than 300 Days!!

Check it out peeps! Go all the way to the bottom of my page...You will see my countdown timer for graduation. From this moment...I only have 297 days left until graduation! That is

LESS THAN 10 months
Less than 3 semesters
Less THAN from the point of where I started (haha, that is a given, but it just feels good to say)
and WAY PAST The half way point

It feels so good to say, "Hey, I'll graduate this year"

Woo Hoo too doo for me! Yep, just made up that wordish thing...but I don't care. I'm having a moment of excitement. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I can't see the light yet, but I just heard it turn on!!

& when I realized that accomplishment...I just had me a glass of....

Hey Daddy!

I just found out that my Dad reads my blog...No offence Dad...but I didn't even know you knew what a blog was!! ;)

So here is a shout out to my sweet little Daddy who reads my blog! :)

This is one of my favorite pics of my Dad...

This is when my Dad first got his new camera...We were trying it out.

Dad & Logan @ one of Eric's Baseball games at hinds.

This is just precious. My Daddy taught my baby how to do & say " i love you THIS much". How sweet is that?

Love you Daddy!


Love Monkey

y little Valentines made the sweetest card for me Sunday (You know I love crafty crap!). It was so over-the-top & sugary sappy...but I love it. Good job Craig & Logan.
My Valentines...
My mom got Logan the cutest little valentine shirt. It has a monkey that is wearing a shirt that sais "be mine" and under the monkey, the shirt sais....Love Monkey!! How cute! My little monkey is a "Love Monkey" :) haha.

They were supposed to have a V-Day part at school on Friday, but it got canceled because of the fabulous snow. They had it yesterday instead, so I sent him to school in his ultra-fab Nana-bought V-Day shirt. He looked so cute when he left...he came home a hot mess! :) Typical Day at daycare! What do they do up there?? Literally Roll around in their food & in the dirt? ;)


Monday, February 15, 2010


As you all know too well (because I think I cry-baby about it all the time) I'm in graduate school...ugh. Anyway, I finished a research paper last night and turned it in. It is finished, done, turned in...doesn't even matter what the grade is at this point. I'm just glad I don't have to worry with it anymore! Woo Hoo! Woo freakin Hoo!!! WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Whew, the little things in life that make us happy. :) Such a feeling of relief.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


We decided to take Logan to the Rodeo this past weekend and check out all the hype. Well hype for me, Craig went a lot growing up...but I had never been. Besides the ...uh...ummm....

Yep, nothing about the rodeo that I liked. I suppose watching Logan get excited for all of about 3 minutes was fun, but the rest of the time it was nothing but keeping him from hitting someone else with his glow sword or keepin him from jumping over the chair in front of us. Moral of the this blah blah is.... Don't take a 2 year old to the Rodeo. If you wanna see a cow, horse, ect...take them to a farm! They need to be able to run around and act like a 2 year old. Now this may not be true for little kiddos who will sit still for longer than 30 seconds at a time, but Mine does not do that! :)

I think we'll probably try to go again next year, you never know...he might do great...or....I might be blogging again about the rodeo saying "don't take a 3 year old to the rodeo!" :)HAHA. No, he really was a good kid, just has a very short attention span! :)

This pic is on the way to the rodeo...we were so talking it up, and he was SO excited about seeing the "Mooooooooooo Cows" ! :)

So This is how we kept our child in his seat for a few minutes at a time...Food! Dry Frosted Shredded Wheat...yuk...but he loves it. Go ahead buddy!

Here is a part of a video of him on the way to the rodeo. I played the Chris Young , getting you home, song to get him pumped up! :) He loves this song. He wasn't his normal self in front of the camera though, because he was being shy. I don't understand why he'll belt out any song that comes on, but turn that camera on and WHAM...shuts down. ?. Still cute though. Here's Logan Brooks Mayo singing, Getting You Home... (or a few parts of it anyway!)

(and turn off the music @ the very bottom of my page, so that you can hear the video...just hit the pause button)

Snow Day

Well the one time we get great snow in like , what...10-15 years? I have to work! Booo. I made Craig swear he would take pics and video of Logan while because I wasn't gonna get to be there. He took a few. Thanks Craig. Here they are...

Our house covered in all the pretty snow. Check out those trees! Love IT!

While Craig was at home having fun with Lolo in the snow...I did get to see the outside of the PICU for a brief second. The nurses from the children's Cancer Clinic at Batson took a little time to make us a snowman. I ran outside (without a jacket on) for a second to take a few pictures.

Snowman with a crown....does this make it a snowwoman?

Sweet nurses even put an IV pole out there. I bet the kids loved that! Even Mrs. Snowwoman had to have  some meds! :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Food for thought. I am a nurse, NURSE I say! So...why must I write all of these papers in NURSING school...or rather Nurse Pracitioner school? Are my patients going to come into my clinic and say "Could you please let me see each &every paper you wrote in school, it will tell me what kind of NP you are"....uuuhhhhh....NO Ma'am the ARE NOT. They are going to come to me for one of 2 reasons, 1 - because they saw me once & thought I was fabulous OOOORRRRR 2 - their friend saw me & thought I was fabulous! :)

So...if I wanted to write...I would have been a POET, not a nurse.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Show Us Your Life - What Beauty Products do you LOVE?

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Yet another blog from Kelly's Korner junk that I read. I love this stuff. I just really love seeing everyone's entries to these Blog McLinkie things. Anyway. This week it is on "make-up tips & beauty secretes". Well for me, there are Zero Beauty maybe I'll learn a few when I get a chance to read all of these links. But I can talk about a few items that I love. . .

Bare Minerals...It is the BEST stuff I have ever put on my face. This picture states it all...

Sleep in it?! That has got to be the best part. I am terribly bad about washing my face at night. I like to try to think I'll do it...but lets face it, there are just some things that we aren't good at. I'm kind of like a kid when it comes to going to bed. I fight sleep. I'll find 800 things to do at night INSTEAD of going to bed? Anyway, so by the time I'm ready to go..I'm dead tired & WAY to sleepy to worry about washing my face.  That was probably T.M.I., but that is why I like makeup that I can wear to bed that doesn't break me out! Yay Bare Minerals for making make-up just for me! :)

They also make some GREAT stuff called Mineral is a light powder that goes on after you are dong putting on everything else. It's like a finishing buffer. It makes your make up look so much better, smoothes out your face...Just love it.

My next favorite thing, well I probably should have put this 1st, because it is my MOST favorite thing in the whole world as make-up goes. My FAVORITE lipgloss is by MAC & it's called LIPGLASS. The clear lipgloss is the shiniest lipgloss EVER! It is also sooooo sticky! You cannot wear this stuff on a windy day or you hair will be cemented to your lips. is the best stuff ever. I also like the Glipglass colored lipgloss selection. Love Love Love MAC for making the best lipgloss ever!

Mac also makes great eyeshadows! Great colors that stay on great!!

My next thing to try out is a new product that a friend told me about called Eye Potion by Urban Decay.It is an eye primer that you put on before you put on your eye shadow & it keeps everything in place. She put this stuff on on day #1, fell asleep that night without washing her face (see, i'm not the only one) and it still looked the same the next day, no crease, no smudging....perfectly the same! I'm so gonna try this out! Gonna try to get some today actually! :) YAY! Let you know on how this goes...
YAY for Makeup! I'm so glad to have it all!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Shirt. . .

All of you know how much I love to do arts & crafts. I mainly like to paint on canvas, but the other day I gave t-shirts a whirl. Now I didn't have & don't have any plans to do t-shirts as a hobby, EVER, but...I had a reason. I picked Logan up from school on Thursday afternoon & they informed me that he needed (well not needed, but could) wear Super bowl gear to school Friday, because they were having a SB party. Well, me being me, I had no idea they were supposed to do that. Well it was raining its tail off on Thursday evening, but I was determined that my kiddo wasn't gonna be left out of the SB festivities. (because the 2 year olds in the class would totally know that he didn't have on a "super bowl" shirt!....I know I know.). I wasn't impressed with the shirt AT ALL that night when I was done, but it actually looked kinda cute on him. This will totally be my last dip into the t-shirt thing though....oh so not fun & totally not gratifying like painting is. Anyway, I told some of you that I would take some pics of the shirt. He did end up wearing it to schol on Friday, and I took some pictures of him in the back yard after he got home from school.

This was so much fun.... LOgan LOves running around outside...& it realy doesn't matter what type of ball he long as he can throw, kick, hit it. Typical boy.
Geaux Saints!
So proud of you for winning the Super Bowl!! :)