Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1 year old check up with Dr. V.!

After our fun morning at the Pumpkin Patch...We had to go see Dr. VanNorman for our 1 year old check-up! He got a great report! 32 1/4 inches long & 26 pounds & 2 ounces....yep...that is right 26 POUNDS! He isn't playing around folks....just getting bigger by the minute! :) She said he looked fabulous!

The yucky part of the visit had nothing to do with the Dr......just the FOUR SHOTS he got! Bless his heart...he was p*ssed to say the least! But he got over and did great! YAY for a healthy check-up!

1st outing to the Pumpkin Patch!

We had our first trip to the pumpkin patch today. Logan didn't have a clue what was going on, but he LOVED the hay on the hay ride...but I don't know if he cared for the actual ride too much? He did love all the "balls" (pumpkins...you know all round objects are balls at this point!). He tried to eat a few acorns, but thanks to the help of my fellow co-workers that were with us, we kept him from turning into a squirrel, or choking, whichever! :)

Logan & Austin

Logan didn't want to cooperate here...

this was a hoot...trying to get a 20 month old, a 12 month old & a 10 month old to put their heads in a hole for a picture, YEA RIGHT...What were we thinking? It was funny anyway!

Just got on the hay ride....Logan didn't know what to do with all of that hay to play with! :)

His friend Zachary is on the left!Zachary, Logan, & Austin looking at something obviously interesting to be holding those young babies attention! ;)

Madeline & Logan checking out the Zedonk, that you can see between thier heads!

I know, A Zedonk? Whatever...but here is the sign & closer pic to show you what I'm talking about? How does that happen!?!

Logan relaxing in Madeline's lap....

All the pretty pumpkins!

Thinking about eating whatever that is in his hand!

Spinning around and around with Mr. Todd....

can't hold his head up, b/c we are dizzy after spinning with Mr. Todd! :)

Picnic Time!
Fun Morning....followed by yucky Dr. Visit!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthday Number ONE!

Well...it came and went....Logan's 1st birthday is over. It was such a fun day! I'm just sad that he's not an infant anymore...He is FULL BLOWN TODDLER! :) I'm excited to experience this year's new journey. . . with a red-headed toddler!

We started off our day as usual with the waking of Mr. Red-head with fussing through the monitor...Craig & I ran into his room and sang Happy Birthday to him. He of course looked at us like we were crazy, then smiled!

I tried to teach him to hold up one finger when asked how old he is! It worked when I held my finger up...he mirrored me...

Beautiful bed-head and all....

Nana & Papaw arrived around noon to help me get ready for the party! I had a strike of the Kidney Stone....yes it is in caps...that thing has its own name now...it just won't go away....anyway....So mom had to come help me get ready!

Mom, What is that face? :) I guess she is trying to get Logan to smile for the picture!?! Sweet little Nana....

Papaw got some pics of Logan waving to him through the window, before his bath....gotta love the crazy hair!

Nana and Logan playing around...He LOVES his Nana! She keeps him while I'm at work...so it's like his 2nd mom! this pic is crooked...but I love it!

The party......

First picture in his sweet little birthday outfit (bib not included in the outfit attire...but somehow it made it on him)....He LOVED the balloons!!!

Yes, there is a cupcake on his outfit & No...I don't know what I was thinking. I do still think the outfit is adorable, even though I don't normally put him in stuff like that! ;)

Mommy & Logan...

Daddy & Logan...

PRESENTS! I love presents...Logan didn't seem to care to much about the presents! He was semi-interested in the wrapping paper and boxes, but he wasn't as interested in any of that as I thought he would be....I'm sure next year will be a totally different ball game! ;)

"I don't want to sit here and open this box, Mommy!"

He did however, like the cards.....

THE CAKE!!!!!!! All I can say is YUMMMMMMMMMMY! It was such a delicious thing...Gotta love cake! Each layer was a different flavor..chocolate, strawberry, and white, I have to admit that I loved the chocolate the best!

SMASH CAKE!!! Boy did he ever smash that cake too! I think his Daddy was a little disappointed in his reaction to the cake, but I thought it was cute! He picked at the cake ever so precisely at first, but after about 5 minutes of picking off very perfect little clips of icing....he slapped his entire hand in the cake & giggled...and of course I missed it with my camera? Oh well! He absolutely loved the cake though...of course he did....who doesn't love cake?

He wanted so badly to grab that burning candle! Poor kid...Anyway, For those of you who know that I'm a sappy crier....Yes, I DID cry while everyone sang Happy Birthday to my sweet little baby! Happy? I tried not to, I must have some defective tear ducts or something?

Do you see the pure hunger in this kid's eyes....I mean does he look like he knows what he is getting ready to have or what? ;)

Also, he has no idea, but much to everyone's surprise once he got past the icing, our little BOY's birthday cake was pink? Oh well!?! :) He didn't seem to mind!

after he figured out how good it was.....

I also got him this corny little birthday crown that only made it through 1 shot before he snatched it off of his head, I don't blame him....
...here are some pics of Logan all hopped up on sugar! :)...
"gimme more cake!!!!"......


This picture was taking right before he ripped that necklace right off my neck! I can't believe that I made it an entire year without him doing that, and then WHAM! Toddlerism hits & he breaks my necklace! :) Oh well.. I'll just take it back & say it broke (which it did...under the influence of a toddler!) I mean...I just got that necklace that day! :) Oh well

Random Pics from the party...
Me & Amber

Shaun (my sis-in-law) & Me

Acey Claire (Logan's BFF), Lori, Me, & Logan

No matter how hard we tried to get a family picture that day...Logan would have nothing to do with it.....Oh well....

Can we say tired & irritable!....
"I don't want to take ANYMORE pictures, Nana!"

"okay, maybe I will for a balloon....."

After it was all said & done...it was a wonderful day! I'm so glad that we have such AWESOME friends and family to share such special occasions as this with .....the ones we love & who love us!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's all over now. . .He's Walking!!!

He's been making attempts to walk for a while now, but we are on the go now! He is getting brave! Here are some clips of him yesterday in his room!

Here is Logan trying to figure out why his pack n' play is in the bedroom? Craig was in the other room moping! (great hubby huh?)

No more rest for mommy!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Visit with Dr. Lancon. . . our neurosurgeon

Logan had his 3rd MRI on Tuesday to follow up on his arachnoid cyst. We went to see our neurosurgeon,Dr. Lancon, today for the results! We got a GREAT GREAT report! The cyst is actually SMALLER now than it was last time! :) YIPEE! We are so excited! We go back in 1 year for another follow up scan, and hopefully it will be even smaller then! :)

Praise God! :)