Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just another fun day in the Sun (well not so sunny, but who cares!)

Just another fun-filled happy day outside with Logan. What is it about "outside" that makes a kid so happy? Especially a little kid? I still don't really understand the fascination with it...but I just go along with it. We spend a lot of time outside, because that is all the little monkey said...."I wanna go OUTSIDE". I'll have to get some video of this before he quits doing it. He says that statement & shakes his head "yes" at the same if this will make me say the answer he wants about going into the great outdoors. We can't even say that word at our house, or else all hell will break loose. You can be on the other side of the house & say "outside" & I swear he will hear you and come a running! Screaming & smiling the entire way to the back door...because it is the special door that gets him where he wants to go! ;) These are just a few pictures of our play day outside...

He has Lilly totally under his spell....Whenever Logan is right up on Lilly...she just lays on her back, not sure if she is scared or just doesn't care what he does?? Poor dog.
Dad telling Logan what to do & not to do....typical. Looks like a coach.

running....just running where ever he goes....always running.....
and now running from Daddy....

Now coming outsmarted by Daddy...

uh oh, ran too fast & not paying attention...fell off the deck...oops.

One of his fun things is the terrible piece of a 4-wheeler that he has. Bless his little chunky is just not meant to carry his weight. So in order to have fun on it, he has to ride it only on the pavement & only downhill. It won't carry all of his weight in the grass & especially not uphill! So here we are all happy that we are going downhill....and making sure that Mommy is close behind...

Now, we made it to the end of the driveway & so we have to carry the thing back to the top of the driveway & start over. In the mean time...he gets soooooo mad!!! He can't stand that it won't go to the top of the driveway. So we have decided to get him one for his birthday. Bless his little heart, he won't have the redneck 4-wheeler anymore!

Checkin out his ride...
Klutz...JUST like Mommy....

So Logan loves to play in the plants...not really sure exactly what the fascination of the plants are, or just playing in the pine straw? I guess it is either a toddler thing, or a boy thing. Both of which I'm I just continue to play along that it is totally the best piece of pine straw that I have ever seen! ;) Here is Logan picking a flower, supposed to be for me (because that is what Daddy told him to do....) However, the sweet little easily distracted mind of my 21 month old stopped at the dog, because she was closer & then fed her my flower. Thanks.

So, Being the great photographer that I am...totally messed this shot up. I somehow got the camera to focus on the wrong thing. So instead of a nice little shot of Craig & Logan playing with the get them blurred and it is so nicely focused on the stupid plant. Good Job, Nikki.

He has this new precious face that he makes when he hears a siren...LOVES SIRENS! Every time the noise starts...he makes this face & asks "wats dat?" It is great & I'm so excited that I caught the face on camera! Yay me!
Sweaty little man after all that fun outside...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Neshoba County Fair

So, It is not like I haven't ever heard of this supposedly huge thing called the Neshoba County Fair...but I just didn't think it would be that big of a deal. Nor did my husband, Craig. Well a friend of Craig's invited us to come up Saturday night, which was opening weekend of the fair. We decided that it would be at least fun to get out of the house. So we went.

We leave the house prepared for a relatively short drive, about 1.5 hours. The majority of the way was SO BORING, as far a scenery is concerned. Back road, country bumkin as bad as it gets. All the way Craig & I are still thinking that this Fair can't be that big of a deal. Well we finally arrive at the fair, we were going down some country road and then.... WHAM...there is like a sea of cars EVERYWHERE! We could not freaking believe how many people were at this thing. And it's not like it is just the country folk that show up to this thing. As we came down the main road, and even throughout parking, there was definitely a mix of types of cars.... Old beat up chevy from 1980's, then a Mercedes, then an accord, then another truck, then a Lexus, then a get my point. All sorts of people. So I suppose that the point of all this rambling is that it was SOOOOO much fun & it was totally unexpected! Can't wait for next year!

This place is loaded with hundreds of little tiny shack cabins. They area like 2 feet apart from one another. They are mostly all painted wild colors. It's a sight.

Our friends cabin is called the 'Groovy Garden'. Fitting, since he is a Landscape Architect...I think.?
The little swing on the front porch. So cute.

So those of you who know my punk ass husband, know that he is pretty shy if he doesn't know you & then still doesn't usually have a whole lot to say to people he does. Sometimes. Well I have known this man for more than 6 years now & he still can be shy around me to a degree. For instance...Playing the guitar & singing. The man has a gorgeous voice & knows how to play a guitar okay, but WILL NOT SING TO ME? Why? Retard I suppose. Anyway, we get to the fair, & he took his guitar with him. We weren't there a freaking hour (so not long enough to get liquored up), and His ass is singing around an assload of people he doesn't even know. But nooooooOOOOOOOOooooooo not to his wife. Asshole.

Enjoying watching my fruitloop of a hubby sing & play. He really is a good singer. I mean, if he would do that at home, well....enough said.

This is Craig & I getting messed with by the kiddos. They were so cute. They made us wear some crap & take pictures with it. I think they just really wanted to play with my camera!
This is me wearing the Mullet Wig that they were going to use the next night for their 80's themed party

Here is Craig wearing a crown...How sweet.

One of the funniest things happens at this cabin every night or mostly every night at midnight. There were so many people gathered around & waiting for this even to happen. It was sort of unbelievable, but then after seeing it all take place, you understand why. Wanna know what it is?
....wait for it......

Hermit Crab Racing. HERMIT CRAB RACING!

Yep, not kidding. They freaking race Hermit crabs.?? When I first heard of this little event I thought it couldn't be more stupid. But I'm telling you, it was funny as hell just to watch how into it these people got! I think it is one of those things that you have to be there to get.

Here is the VERY sophisticated racing track. Serious isn't it.

Here are the crabs. They are all numbered so that you can keep up with the very serious betting that goes on.

They pass out a playing cards to bet with. You pay your money, you get a card with a number on it, if your crab wins do you. Easy enough. We lost 2 or 3 games, but then one the last one, ended up breaking even. If you really cared to know that.
Taking everyone's money, I mean....Look at all these freaking people!

Here is what I think ended up being the winning card for us! Yay!

This is Perry, She is the keeper of the Hermit Crabs. She takes care of them all year long, just to have them ready for this event!!
And the racing begins....
On your mark....
Get set, GOOOO!
Here are the crabs running to the finish line. The point of the game is for the crab you are betting on to make it out of the big circle first. Or last, depending one which game they re playing. They do both. Like I said...Very Sophisticated. ;)
So if you are at the fair next year, be sure and head over to the Hermit Crab Races! They are a hit & pretty hilarious to watch! ;)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wanna do everything Daddy does!!

Today when Craig got home, Logan spotted him watering the plants outside. So naturally...anything that someone else has...Logan Brooks Mayo HAS TO HAVE!! So of course, this meant playing with the water hose. Well, Craig just put it go good use & taught him how to water the plants. They were outside moving from plant to plant, while Logan just watered his little heart out! Sometimes their sweet little persistence is a good thing! Everything is gonna be nice and nourished now, thanks to that sweet little determined toddler. He had a blast doing it...will have to remember that later!

Just about got my camera soaked right here! Good thing Mom's a pretty fast mover! :*(

Watering the "ball tree". He thinks that tomatoes are balls! So sweet. Doesn't this plant look pitiful...awful really.
So after all of the yard work is done...time to play. however, since Dad's are too lazy to go inside to get a swimsuit...just takes all of his clothes off to play in the pool. I mean, good thing we don't have neighbors that can see into our backyard! They would think we were total rednecks! Which my husband is who am I kidding. What is it with men & being naked? They think they can just do this anywhere....and this is now the next generation of men figure this out...."well daddy let me play naked outside growing it'll be just fine." WTH? It was pretty funny though. He didn't know any better.

This is Craig laughing at Logan right after he squirted himself in the face with the water! It was pretty funny...Logan was pretty livid! He however survived. . . Don't you just love the fact that he has on no clothes...but wearing one shoe ?
After this I went back inside to attempt to study...and failed again, because I heard Craig and his Dad laughing had to once again go and see what was going on (with camera in tow of course!)

Here Lilly is...that dang dog shakes the entire time she gets a bath...but she is LOVIN being in the pool with Logan!
Here is Logan & Lilly trying to figure out why there isn't anymore water coming out of the hose!
Sweet laughter & smiles. . .

Don't you just love the true gracefulness of a toddler! ;)