Sunday, January 25, 2009

Little Dancer!

So our kid loves to dance? He is just too funny to watch, so I had to share....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1st Hair Cut!

I broke down & finally did it. Criag & I have been back & forth & back & forth over & over agian about cutting Logan's hair or not. Of course most of the grandparents have been all over us about cutting his hair. We didn't want to do it for the longest, b/c it was just so pretty. He had these sweet little flips & curls at the bottom of his hair...why would you cut that?

Then all of the sudden one day, his hair was long enough & had enough weight on it that the curls/flips were gone & he just looked like he had a MULLET! So we broke down! I'm glad we did, he doesn't look like mullet-kid anymore! :)

I never thought that I would be one of those moms that refused to cut her kid's hair...but it looks like I (we actually...craig was involved in this too!!) was headed in that direction. Thank goodness that day cameand we saw the light (or the mullet I guess you could say!)

This is Logan, getting ready to go get his 1st hair cut! :)

Here we are pissed off b/c I won't give him the camera! I'm not so sure why that pic loaded sideways?

This is the Last Picture of his sweet long hair (from the front...don't forget I said it looked like a mullet from the back!!!)

1st chop...and he wasn't so sure about this haircutting business at this point....

Deciding it is not so bad!

Poor Alli...she chased that kid all over my lap! She said that he did really good compared to other kids that sit in the chair & scream the entire time...but I think she was just being a nice friend...and didn't want to tell me that she needed to charge me 3x the regular amount b/c she had to work her ass off for that hair cut! :) She didn't charge me any extra...what a sweet friend! :)
1st picture at home after the big chop....

who knows?

Anyway...glad you could share the expierence of the 1st chop! Like anyone really cares about a hair cut... :) But atleast you got to pass a few extra minutes at work by reading all about it! :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Carseat Dance Off!

So we were out Christmas shopping and Logan decided to jam out in his carseat. We thought it was pretty hilarious! I only caught a little bit of it on the camera! He was really jammin before I pulled the camera out...but then of course he decides to be a little shy!?! But this part was still funny too! Oh yeah, and yes...the music is from