Thursday, September 25, 2008

Playing with DaDa!

Logan loves to follow Craig's finger with his finger on the glass (when he is standing on the other side of it of course), so I got some little pics of it today. Sweet baby!

Video is a great thing!?!

I mean, what did people do before the invention of video? I cannot imagine not being able to look back at these sweet little clips years down the road!
I'm not really sure what this face, sound making session is all about? Is it a wine? a pout? an attempt for attention? maybe all combined? Who knows...but it was funny to watch anyway! :)

Also, our child loves to eat so much that he does it in his sleep!. . . .

Do you think it's red?

I've known since before I laid eyes on my baby that his hair was red (according to the Labor & Delivery nurse), but I swear it gets more and more red daily! We took some pictures of Logan outside today in the grass, & his hair was literally glowing in the sun! So precious. . . PLUS, I just wanted to get a few more pictures of him with just his diaper on! I know he is getting ready to be too big for pictures like that (he may be already, but I don't care). :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

So it's weird?

So, I've been playing around with photoshop...& I OBVIOUSLY have ZERO idea what I am doing! I was playing around with this picture that I posted a few days ago of Acey & Logan. . . and the hubbs informed me that it was just plain weird looking, then later Acey's mom, Lori, let me know that it looked weird too! :) So here is what I think turned out weird. . . .

Now that looks weird! :)

I'm new to photoshop & I'm going to continue to post my WEIRD stuff until I get the hang of it! :)

Here is the original. . .

What about this one?

Or this?

Remind you of something? . . .

Hahahahahahahahaha! I know, I'm a big dork!

What is also weird is the new Header I have for our blog! I'm tired & playing around, but I think it is funny! :) Here it is again for your comedic enjoyment!. . . .

I mean, why else would he have his arm out like that AND looking in that direction in the picture? For me to place cartoon flowers in it of course! :) Yea, I know. .

Soldiers' Angels

I was reading a friend's blog today & she had this posted. It is a site that lets you "adopt a soldier". It only involves you writing a quick note or send a card at least every week and they ask that you send at least 1 or 2 care packages a month which can include anything from personal hygiene to snacks or movies and CDs. I'm sure it can be so lonely over there & a little note & care package that may take you thirty minutes tops per month is all it takes to make their day! :) It involves all branches of the military. I filled out my application today! I'm waiting to hear back, so that I can start sending! ;) They way I look at it is...even if you don't support what is going on over seas, we should still support our boys over there! Every single one of those soldiers over there is SOMEBODY's SON, DAUGHTER, HUBBY, WIFE, BROTHER, SISTER, OR MOMMY OR DADDY! Let's help make their days a little better! ;) We need to thank them for their selfless acts of courage and commitment!! Please take a minute and visit to discover some of the different ways that you can become involved. They have many campaigns from letter writing and quilting to Bake Me A Wish, which send over birthday cakes. Its quick and easy and I know that its greatly appreciated!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Acey & Logan

I've been procrastinating working on my paper today & I played with Photoshop! :) I got the cutest picture of Acey & Logan the other day! They are too cute! They are BFF's! :)

Friday, September 12, 2008


Does anyone have Photoshop? Does anyone know any good tricks? I've been searching the web today . . .I need help? However, I did figure out this cool trick with it! :)

I think I'm gonna like it! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today is Logan's 11 month birthday! I just don't know where the time went! Does every mom feel like this? I feel like I blinked my eyes after Logan was born & now I have this baby that is practically walking? Is this what is going to happen every single year? My baby is growing up toooooooooooooooooooooooo FAST! Is there anything I can do to slow this process down? :)

Monday, September 8, 2008


Oh wow. . .I just spotted more kitties! I walked to the back door a second ago & there were FOUR kitties outside! There are 3 solid black & 1 black & white!?! I wonder if there are anymore down there? Can you tell this is the first time I have been around a cat that has given birth?!? I feel like an excited 4 year old! :) Pictures to come. . .if I can get my camera quick enough!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

School Sucks when you're sick! Oh wait. . .just sucks period!?!

All I can say is, what the hell was I thinking going back to school? I feel this way today, b/c I'm sick & still trying to do homework?!? WENDI. . .I think I need one of those phone calls, sure hope you aren't feeling the same way today! Just wanted to bitch & moan a little. . . sorry!

Here Kitty Kitty! or wait. . . FREE KITTY KITTY!

I don't know if I have shared this yet, but when we moved into this house we got a little extra something or should I say it pleural "somethingS" that wasn't in our house contract! The previous owners decided it would be a good thing to LEAVE their cat here!?! Anyway, we thought. . .well it is an outside cat that is familiar with the area, so no harm no foul. We decided that it would be okay to keep the cat. Well, a few weeks go by & we start to notice that the cat is getting a little plump? We just figured, well if the previous owners thought enough of her to leave her, maybe they weren't feeding her a lot? So maybe she is just getting enough nutrition now & she is fatting up a bit. Well as a couple of more weeks go by, she is just down right gotten a fat tummy! Well guess what. . . that little kitty is PREGO! Oh well? Anyway, she gave birth 1 month ago tomorrow! So she was pregnant when she got left behind. She had the kittens under our house! We have been hearing their sweet little meows here and there, but no kitty sightings have been reported to date! Well they finally showed their cute little faces today! They haven't seen any people yet, so of course as soon as they saw me, they took off under the house again! :) So I waited patiently in my bedroom waiting for them to come back out(with camera in hand of course!) Anyway. . .here they are. I only saw 2, so I am assuming that is all she had! They will be 4 weeks old tomorrow, so in 2-4 more weeks we will have FREE KITTENS! So pass the word along!

There is a black & white kitty, and then a solid black kitty.

Here is black kitty sneaking out from under the deck. . .

Mommy & Black & White kitty playing. . .

Black & White kitty checking out mom drink water. . .

Here is what appears to be Black & White Kitty's first time trying to drink water!

The kitty cats wouldn't let me get near him/her? But after I took some pictures I tried to go back out and see them. Black and white kitty let me hold her since mommy was sitting in my lap. Black kitty still wanted nothing to do with me! They are so cute, so don't forget if anyone wants a kitty kitty, CALL ME! Excuse the quality of the pics. . . they were taken through the window.

Was that the most boring post ever or what? Sorry! ;)

Friday, September 5, 2008

This Old House

Okay, so for those of you who keep asking for before/after pictures of the house. . . here are a few. :) We are still working on a lot, and I'm still working on getting stuff painted (pictures) for the walls! There are also tons of other things we still want to do, but I guess that is part of buying an OLD house!

I actually don't have any of the front of the house? I'll try to work on that later! The main things changed in the house are the paint colors! The people we bought the house from actually already had the floors redone, so that was great! Some of these pictures are from before the other family moved out. You'll probably be able to tell by the furniture! ;)
Here is a picture of an area in the den,
before (don't you love the color!) . . .

After. . .

Our bedroom before. . . .

After. . .

several shots of the kitchen. . .

before. . .
after . .

The wall that is no longer there!. . . Please appreciate the wallpaper that is also no longer there! :)


Here is a view from the other side of that wall that isn't there anymore!

after . . .

Hall bath. . .

before (don't know what was going on with my flash that day?!?, but you get the point!)

after. . . .

I don't have a before picture of the den, don't know why, but here is a messy pic of it now. (there was a picture in the beginning of the other wall of the den) Still working on this a little. . . You can kind of see Logan's room off to the side, it is also still a work in progress! :) As you can see, that fireplace mantel is as old as the house (~60 yrs), it will be redone at some point in the future.
More to come later maybe?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fun Day!

Craig & I work so many opposite days of each other! We don't get to spend a lot of fun days together with the entire family! Well we went shopping today & had fun! Who cares?Right?!? :) Anyway, while we were out shopping, we found a Halloween costume for Logan that we BOTH loved! When we got home, we realized that our son has a mind of his own! The thing about that is. . . . We never even considered that LOGAN wouldn't like it! :)

It started with him arching his back trying to get away from Daddy (since he is the one who held him while Mommy put it on!)

Then he kept doing this weird thing with his hands, throwing them up in the air . . . guess he thought it would make the costume come off?!? Who knows. . . but it was funny! Aren't we mean parents?. . . laughing at our child's expense? Nah. . .here you can see. . .
Then he just had this pouty horrible look on his face the entire time he had the costume on. . .

How pitiful, yet adorable is this face?!?. . . . .

He has to wear this costume, he looks totally adorable in it, I mean check out his tail! :)

He finally gave in & let me get a picture of him not totally upset!

Would I be horrible if I make him wear it? Surely he'll get used to it, Right?!?

Anyway, things finally got all better when I took off the Tigger costume & put him in the bath, our favorite place! :)

However, I still think he was mad at me about the costume. . . . . oh well! :) Sure it won't be the last time he'll ever be mad at me! :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

I See You!

Logan's room used to be an old sun porch a LOOOONG time ago! Whoever closed it in never changed the door going into his room, so it is still a glassed french door. I love it too, because I think it is part of the home's charm. Anyway, Logan thinks it is great for you to close the door and let him look at you through the door!. . . . . .

Here you can see all of his little finger smudges all over the window!!!