Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow Day & I missed it!!!!!

So I had to work on the one day that it snows ever in Mississippi...okay, so that may be exaggerated a TAD, but whatever. I had to settle for the not so fresh, next day pictures. Here ya go they aren't fresh snow pics...get over it.

This is looking out our front door. I love that you can see the snow on the ground, but only Logan's silhouette.

isn't this sad...look at all the dang pine needles and sticks in the that I wasn't there to get the pictures of the snow before all that got in the way! :( Oh well...
Check out all of that snow on the arm of the rocking chair!! I sound like I've never seen snow or WHAT?
Look at all that snow...not really, but it is fun to look at anyway!
I suppose if I REALLY wanted to have pretty snow pictures I would move somewhere that it snowed thank you! That stuff stuck around our house for about 2 days & it got on my nerves! I could not imagine having it longer than that!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Logan's Twin Sister

So...I was playing on the internet, looking at different photographs of children, to get ideas for the future. I came upon Logan's twin sister....You know you wonder sometimes what your child would have looked like as a girl or vise is Logan's twin....
How stinking cute?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kitty Cat?

The other night we went to Bass Pro shop to get Logan's picture taken with Santa. We were walking through the store afterwards...Logan got so excited & started pointing at the "kitty cat" !?! He thinks anything with fur & 4 legs is a kitty cat! He actually says "titty tat" I would definitely say that this animal doesn't qualify as a "titty tat" Logan, or at least it is not one I would want to have at my house!! :)

Tent Fun!

While we were waiting to take pictures the other day with Santa, they had this little tent in the Santa wonderland play area. Logan kept looking in the tent, but was afraid to go in it alone. So we got one to take home (how do you pass up a $12.00 toy?!?) Anyway...once we got home & got in the tent with fun started! He had a blast in the tent! He actually pitched a red-head fit when we took him out, to get him ready for bed!
He couldn't quit figure out that he was supposed to duck his head to get out...he kept smacking the top of the opening and with his head & falling back in the tent. He found this quit amusing! :)

However, after all is said and done...I'm not really sure who enjoyed the tent more...Logan or DAD?!?

Christmas Parade!

I got to take Logan to his 1st Christmas parade in downtown Vicksburg yesterday! I was really worried that he would be to cold, cranky, and not like being confined to the stroller. I also figured the loud music from the marching bands would scare the crap out of him too! I was wrong about all! He had so much fun! He was soooo good through the entire 45 minute long parade!!! He LOVED all of the marching bands...he even danced as most of them passed! :) It was tooo cute!

All bundled up, waiting for the parade to start....

Lexi & Logan, these 2 refused to look at the camera at the same time!!!

Checking out how he can get his hands on my camera during the parade! :)

They had fake snow coming down during parts of the parade. So Shaun & I figured we needed a picture in the only snow we were going to get!

Logan's favorite float! Actually it was my favorite float! The little dancers behind this float were sooo cute!

Don't have gloves....Just use socks! :)

Logan watching one of the marching bands pass...I think this was Vicksburg Junior High's band if I remember correctly! was so much fun! I can't wait for next year's parade! :)

Friday, December 5, 2008


We took Logan today to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop. I'm not really sure had who had the most fun...Logan or his parents! Here are the pictures of him playing in "Santa's Wonderland" at Bass Pro waiting on Santa to arrive! He refused to look at the camera in most of these pictures! The one that I could get him to finally look at me...he looked at me like "why are you interrupting my play time mother?!" Also, in the one of him looking at the camera...don't you just love how this is suppose to be a play place for children & check out all the plug ins behind his right shoulder!!!! Can we say mildly dangerous?

The one and only shot I got of Logan with Santa before it was all over....What do you suppose he was thinking? :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008


This year was the first year that I hosted Thanksgiving, or any holiday for that matter, at my house. I was so nervous that something wasn't going to go right. I know most people don't worry about stuff like this, but tradition has always been a big part of our family holidays. Everything was great, and I think everyone had a good time! I hope this starts out a new tradition for us! Here are some of the pics from today!

Logan was the first one to get to dig in, courtesy of Papaw Douglas!
He loved it!

Trying to snap with Grandma! :)

Logan being sweet & hugging Lexi. This was too adorable...Lexi was just standing away from him, and Logan reached out, pulled Lexi to him & gave her a big hug....tooo sweet!

Here is Nana Brenda trying desperately to get Logan to look at her for a picture!

Drake LOVES our waterfall , he is nonstop up on that rock watching the water go down...Oh little boys! :) The things that amuse them!

Now is this typical of what men do at holidays or what...just stand around, talk about nothing (or hunting...sorry!) and look at nothing!

Still trying to get that shot!

Little Miss Princess Lexi flirting with the camera! What a doll!

Still looking pretty typical!

....and STILL trying to get that shot, huh, Brenda!?!

We also tried to be photographers today!

Drake fell....not sure why, but I remember it was pretty cute at the time...and I like the look on his face in this pic!

Sweet little family!
Logan & Daddy.....
Now you see how we got him to smile like that in the picture above.... :)

My little fam!

Doing his favorite thing...being outside & holding a stick?!? What is it with the sticks?

Thanksgiving 2008! (gotta love timers!)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Elf Yourself!

This is the most hilarious thing ever! You can do one for your family too! Click on the following link to see Craig, Logan, & I look like fools....I mean, cute little Elves! The Mayo Elves! :)

Have fun making one of your family! I swear if you needed a giggle today...this will do it! :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Crashin' Computer!

Well it is so nice to finally have this piece of trash back! I haven't posted in a while, because my computer crashed a couple of weeks ago. :( It was awful! I got what is apparently called . . . "the blue screen of death" . . .whatever that means? I just know that screen came up & them bam......nothing? I have a friend who's hubby is obviously a computer genius! He fixed it for us! Thank God for that! I was convinced I was going to have to buy another computer. When that happens you just realize how dependent our lives are on these stupid things! For those of you who don't "back up" your stuff on the computer already...please start to do so now! Promise . . .it will save you a lot of heartache!

The night after it crashed it took it to our friend to get fixed. . . when I walked in the door with the broken computer, her 20 month old said "Trash?" . . .how appropriate.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1 year old check up with Dr. V.!

After our fun morning at the Pumpkin Patch...We had to go see Dr. VanNorman for our 1 year old check-up! He got a great report! 32 1/4 inches long & 26 pounds & 2 ounces....yep...that is right 26 POUNDS! He isn't playing around folks....just getting bigger by the minute! :) She said he looked fabulous!

The yucky part of the visit had nothing to do with the Dr......just the FOUR SHOTS he got! Bless his heart...he was p*ssed to say the least! But he got over and did great! YAY for a healthy check-up!

1st outing to the Pumpkin Patch!

We had our first trip to the pumpkin patch today. Logan didn't have a clue what was going on, but he LOVED the hay on the hay ride...but I don't know if he cared for the actual ride too much? He did love all the "balls" ( know all round objects are balls at this point!). He tried to eat a few acorns, but thanks to the help of my fellow co-workers that were with us, we kept him from turning into a squirrel, or choking, whichever! :)

Logan & Austin

Logan didn't want to cooperate here...

this was a hoot...trying to get a 20 month old, a 12 month old & a 10 month old to put their heads in a hole for a picture, YEA RIGHT...What were we thinking? It was funny anyway!

Just got on the hay ride....Logan didn't know what to do with all of that hay to play with! :)

His friend Zachary is on the left!Zachary, Logan, & Austin looking at something obviously interesting to be holding those young babies attention! ;)

Madeline & Logan checking out the Zedonk, that you can see between thier heads!

I know, A Zedonk? Whatever...but here is the sign & closer pic to show you what I'm talking about? How does that happen!?!

Logan relaxing in Madeline's lap....

All the pretty pumpkins!

Thinking about eating whatever that is in his hand!

Spinning around and around with Mr. Todd....

can't hold his head up, b/c we are dizzy after spinning with Mr. Todd! :)

Picnic Time!
Fun Morning....followed by yucky Dr. Visit!