Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Dear Logan,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday Sweet Logan!

Happy Birthday to you!

We cannot believe that it has been TWO years since our life has been blessed with your precious soul. We have officially forgotten what life was like without you in it! You have taught us how to be patient, loving, and so much more more. We are thankful everyday that God blessed us with such a wonderful, sweet, & healthy child. We look forward to getting to watch you grow and for you to continue to make us laugh each and every day with your funny little personality.

As we write this to you, we think about where we were 2 years ago today. . .getting to hold you & look into your sweet little eyes for the very first time. . .

Seeing your sweet little face on the morning of your 1st birthday last year. . .

. . .and your sweet little face when you woke up this morning! (poor little boy, you can tell he is sick, that pale little face)

Here are a few things that we adore about you on your 2nd birthday. . .

1. You are OURS! We are so proud of you, Logan.

2. We love you more than ANYTHING in the whole wide world!

3. You are so sweet, and LOVE to snuggle, especially @ night when it's time for bed.

4. You are absolutely Hilarious (everyone thinks so!)

5. You have an extremely contagious giggle!

6. You're a parrot! Truly.

7. You L.O.V.E. music. You have been in love with music since you were tiny. Mainly country, but there are a few others....Matchbox 20, Train, Cold Play, & GooGoo Dolls.

8. Jason Aldean is your favorite singer. You know several of his sings . . .and I mean as soon as the song starts, you know exactly which song it is! You're favorites are She's Country, Big Green Tractor, & Hicktown.

9. You also LOVE the guitar (you call it a "cootar"). You're already such a little rocker, you like to play the guitar along with the music videos. You also play your stomach & call it the guitar when you don't have your real guitar in your hands.

10. You love to put stuff in your pockets, and if you don't have a pocket, you want to put it in someone else's pocket.

11. You will only watch a few shows that don't involve a music video...The Backyardagains (which is the theme for your birthday party this year), Finding Nemo (which is your Halloween costume for this year), and Babe. I can't tell you how many times we have watched these shows! Whew.

12. You are mildly obsessed with keys. You pretty much want to have a set in your hands 24/7.

13. You love to "drive" my car? You think it is tons of fun to sit in my trailblazer & pretend to drive....truly too cute.

14. You LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE FIRETRUCKS! That sweet little face you are making in that birthday invitation above...that is the same face that you make when you see or hear a firetruck....HILARIOUS! That is actually how I caught that picture....we were in the front yard with Daddy when you heard a firetruck. You sweet little thing.

15. You're quote is "All Day Long". We have no idea why that is stuck in your head, but you say it in response to EVERYTHING!
*Logan, would you like to go outside? "I go outside, All Day Long"
*Logan, would you like a sucker? "I eat sucker, All Day Long"
*Logan, if you keep doing that, you're going to time out "I go time out, All Day Long"
It always makes people laugh.

16. You call your great grandmother (your Daddy's grandmother), Memaw, and Every time we come home (we live right next door to her)...You want to go to her house! "I wanna go Memaw's, I wanna go Memaw's. Please!" You really love your Memaw. So so sweet.

17. You have the temper of a red-head....whew. But you are still so sweet.

18. You think that it is funny to hide. We think it is funny too, because you think that if you cover your face that we can't see you. It is precious. We also love how you giggle while you are hiding!

19. I just started crying while writing this letter...because I can't believe that you are already TWO! By the time you are old enough to appreciate this will have figured out that your mom is such a crybaby! Really.

20. You are fascinated with the moon and stars. It has turned into a ritual over the past couple of months to go outside EVERY SINGLE NIGHT before we settle down for bed, and look at the moon & stars. You will also point out the moon & stars in everything.....every book, everything on TV, or any funny little thing.

21. Outside is your favorite place...and it was actually one of your first words! You also love all the sticks outside. You can find a stick anywhere....and I do mean ANYWHERE!

22. You love to sit in Mommy & Daddy's lap and read books!

23. You are a little monkey. You climb on EVERYTHING! You can be on top of the island in about 1.5 seconds flat. You make me a nervous wreck doing that!

24. You are such a snuggler! Especially at night when we are winding down for bed! Mommy LOVES that!

25. When you want to be held, you say "I hold you, Mama"

26. You can sing your ABC's, or your own little version of it anyway. I still haven't been able to catch it on video....

27. You can count to 14 without help. You smart little boy.

28. You love trucks & cars....goes along with that firetruck thing I guess. Such a little boy.

29. You are such a Picky Eater....You get that from me, I'm sorry.

30. We can take you ANYWHERE with the help of M&M's, chocolate milk, or suckers. I just better have a good stash.

31. You think that every man that is sorta tall, and has a shaved or bald head is your Uncle Shea.
32. You love to "clean up" when you "I make mess, Mommy"

33. You have the flu on your birthday, YUK!

34 We could go on & on & on about all of the things that we love about you. . .but what all of this comes down to is, Thank you for being You. Mommy & Daddy love you, Logan!

Here is your private party today, since you have the flu...nobody could come over! You can tell that you don't feel good. Poor little guy. Mommy can't sing.... I don't think that you minded....

We only gave you one of your presents today, because we wanted to save the rest of them for your party next weekend. It was a Thomas the Train tent. You love it! It goes along with that whole hiding thing! ;)

Waving to the airplane on the tent. How cute are you?

Lovin the tunnel...

We LOVE you, Logan Brooks! We hope that this & all the birthdays to come are GREAT!

Love Always,
Mommy & Daddy

Friday, October 9, 2009

Christmas Tour of Homes

I'm sitting at my computer right now, since my sick little man is finally napping & my fever is currently down as well. I hope that we both feel better by tomorrow! I was reading other people's blogs & stumbled something fabulous this on Kelly's Korner. She had a reference link on her page to another lady's blog who is hosting a Christmas Tour of Homes. This lady, "The Nester", apparently got the idea from another blog that I read, BooMama. OMG I am totally rambling...must be the sickness. Anyway...I found her link to last years Christmas Tour of Homes...I'm getting ready to check it out...but I figured you would like to check out other people's Christmas decorated houses too! WOO HOO! This might actually make me forget that I don't feel good! There is the direct link to the site from last year. . .

have fun. . .

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little Rocker

As many of you who know my child already know, he is totally into music. . .country especially. We watch music more than cartoons around this place. (except for Finding Nemo is starting to come into close 2nd these days). Anyway, Jason Aldean in particular is his favorite country music singer. He knows most of the songs, and even sings a few words here and there. It is totally precious. Anyway, he has this little electric guitar (cootar as he calls it) that he now plays along with the videos that he watches. These little clips aren't as funny as they were PRIOR to me pulling out the camera. . .Why do they do that? Anyway. . .here is a sneak peak at the Little Rocker. (mute my music on the sidebar or you can't really hear the video).

Same thing...different day. And sometimes he is so into the music he just stands there like a knot on a log staring at the TV.

IMG_5092 copy1

I swear that I do dress my child... I just seem to always catch him on video/pictures half/not dressed. Oh well. Some people would say clothing is over-rated anyway.

Thought I had seen it all. . .

I got up early this morning, because 1) I woke up to many times to count last night, 2) I had the most awful dreams every single time I fell back asleep. I haven't done something like that in years, then finally 3) there is a terrible thunderstorm outside right now that is keeping me up. I just really didn't feel like going back to sleep and having anymore awful nightmares. So after all of that . . .I decide to come in here and checkout everyone's blog entries that I may have missed over the past 2 days. Most of the time, reading people's blogs makes me happy. But this particular entry really made me question myself. . .

This is the Placenta Teddy Bear

. . . Am I still dreaming?
Afterbirth. Nice.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Pioneer Woman

Those of you who know me, know that I'm not a huge cook, wait. . .let me rephrase...I'm not a cook AT ALL. BUT...I read this woman's blog & she has a cookbook coming out. She has good stuff on her site, so I'm sure that the cookbook is gonna be awesome. My friend, Lori, and I have done a few things from her site, and they've all been great. I'm so gonna get it. Maybe she'll turn me into a cook. (don't get your hopes up, Craig) ;)


Well, party food in general...but Dips, WOW. Anyway, one of the blogs that I read had a web site that had a McLinky doohicky added to it. She got everyone to post thier favorite dips, in order to get ready for football season. There are some really great ones on here. So whenever you need a great dip...I'll have her Diptacular thingy on the side of my blog (and also it's a quick reference for me too!)

oh, and...your welcome. :)