Friday, August 29, 2008

New Scooter!

We got Logan a new toy Thursday night at Wal-Mart. We were out there stocking up for the possible Hurricane Gustav, and we figured why not get Logan something new to play with while the lights are out! I let him play on it Friday morning. It can either be a scooter or a push thing. It is supposed to help them with walking. Well he can't walk yet & he didn't want ANYTHING to do with the walking part. He just wanted to sit on the scooter & talk! :) (We were still in our PJ's!) I think he is gonna be a blabber mouth like his mommy!?!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

1st Car Ride WITHOUT a Carseat!!!!!!

Logan was a big boy yesterday! He got to ride in the car WITHOUT a carseat & IN THE FRONT! Check it out. . . . . . . . .

He was sooooo sleepy at this point yesterday! :) He still had a blast though! And yes, there WAS a seatbelt on him! :) The funny thing is, the little boy driving, Zachary Nopper, is only 18 months old! Isn't that just too cute! I can't believe how well he could drive that thing! :) And he was pretty good at it too! :)

This thing had a real radio in it too! Here's Logan & Zach checking out the radio!

and away they go! . . . . . wait COME BACK!!!! :)
I swear they grow up tooooo fast!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mayo Look-alike Meter

So, I saw this one of my friends blogs & thought I would give it a try! We are always saying how much Logan looks just like CRAIG!!!! So this thing is bull-honkie-donkey! :) But it is funny!

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebs - Collage - Morph

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have been feverishly working this week to get my house ready for Lori's Surprise PARTY!!! :)We decided to do her birthday party 2 weeks after the date so that we could throw her off & make her think that we weren't doing one at all! Great friends we are, huh?!? It is actually kind of mean I think! She was mildly surprised. . . she said she thought something was going on yesterday when her hubby was a little to giggly! Anyway...It all paid off last night with a great party for Lori! She had lots of fun (with no babies might I add!. . . .thanks for keeping the babes grandparents!) ;)

I learned this morning, while looking at my camera pics/video from last night, that you should NEVER EVER EVER let a bunch of people who have been drinking sing Happy Birthday to ANYONE! Let me show you sounds like a bunch of sick cats dying . . . . . . . .

But the cake did ROCK! IT was a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing! AWESOME! :) It was made by a girl I work with if anybody ever needs an AWESOME cake! (did that sound like advertising?) ANYWAY...HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY LORI!

However . . . . the best thing to give people drinking is ROCK BAND!!! We thought we would spend the majority of the night outside, but the rain messed that up! We had more fun inside with the game though! It is sooo much fun! I love to watch people, who are otherwise fairly animated, turn into complete ZOMBIES while watching that dang TV trying to hit all the rights notes. . . .

Zombie Drummer Tiffany & Zombie Guitarist Haley!

Zombie Guitarist Ben....

Zombie Drummer Alan...

Despite it all. . . ROCK BAND was a great hit! :)

just another pic.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today is the first day of school! I don't know how in the hell I'm going to do it?!? Hopefully once I get settled in I'll feel a little better! :) I really don't feel as bad as that picture, not YET anyway! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

He's finally all Cried Out!

Well, it looks like Logan has finally given up! For the past 2 nights now, he just lays in the bed and whimpers until I get out of his sight...then straight to sleep! Can I just tell you....IT IS AWESOME! I never knew bedtime could be so easy! I still feel sorry for him, because he looks at me like "please don't leave me mommy!" It's the most pitiful face ever! But he sleeps so good, he is going to bed earlier & still sleeping until the same time in the morning which means. . . . . . MORE SLEEP FOR ME! YAY!


So we have figured out that Logan LOVES watching Live music on TV?!? He won't really watch any kiddy stuff, but if Matchbox 20 is on TV, he'll watch it for the SOLID HOUR! It is hilarious! We recorded it of course so that he can watch it anytime. Here is a video of him entranced by Matchbox 20. In the beginning you can hear me ask if he likes the video & you can him him tell me "yeah"! :) Too funny! Freak coincidence I know..., however, I think it's funny! :)

My Uncle, Bobby Middleton...Update

He is doing great. They took him off of the breathing machine on Saturday. He is breathing great on his own. He is still very sleepy and confused and he refuses to cough, but he is moving all of his arms & legs. We found out that there is some small areas of blood in his head, but they are VERY small, & the neurosurgeon feels that he should recover fully from that aspect! :) YAY! We also found out that he may not have to have any surgery on his pelvis (which was broken in multiple places). Thanks for everyone's prayers! He still needs lots though, so keep it up! :) We feel that he will make a full recovery & THAT'S AWESOME! :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

My uncle, Bobby Middleton

My uncle, Bobby mom's brother, was in a terrible accident today. He fell over 15 feet off of a house he was working on. He was in Vicksburg at the time, and they took him to the Vicksburg hospital. His son had to do CPR right after it happened because he didn't feel a pulse & he wasn't breathing. After arriving at Vicksburg hospital, UMC's flight team came and got him. They transported him in the helicopter to Jackson. He is currently in the ICU on a breathing machine. They are giving us good reports, but none the less, he's still pretty sick in the intensive care unit. Please say a prayer for him and our family. His poor sisters & wife are all a basket case. Their dad, my grandfather, just passed away less than a year ago, so this is a pretty hard hit to them! Just please keep us in your prayers! Thanks!

Cried out...?

So, last night the cry it out thing didn't work! I fed him a bottle & he went to sleep in my arms. I got up immediately and put him in his bed...this would normally wake him up, but he stayed asleep? Good times! Tonight he only cried for 3 minutes?!? YIPEE!!!! I was so excited that he went straight to sleep! Thank the Lord for small favors! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cried out! Take 2....

Well, for those of you who were wondering if we stuck to the 'cry it out' method to go to sleep...we did. :( It is just so sad to listen to Logan cry! Anyway, Night #2 of our challenge went a little better. Logan still cried for 45 minutes, but it wasn't a solid scream like it was on Night #1. Bless his little heart, he would give up here and there and just wimper at times. I hope he gives up soon, b/c I don't know how long Mommy can listen to him cry like that! He also didn't fall asleep in any crazy way last night, like on Night #1, he just fell asleep on his bumber.

Have any of you tried this method? Does anyone know how long it will take before he learns to put himself to sleep? Help! :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cried Out!

Okay, so I feel like the meanest mommy ever right now! Tonight was our first night to let Logan "cry himself to sleep". It is what all of our friends & doctor told us to do. It is some method where you put them to bed and walk out after you tell them "good night". After 5 minutes of crying, you walk in and tell them "shhhh" and lay them down/ pat their back, ect...Then you wait 10 minutes before you go back in the room, then 20 minutes ect & so on! It should take them less & less time to fall asleep each night, until they get to the point that they just put themself to sleep!?! I sure hope this works, but I don't know if I can take that many nights of hearing my little man cry!

I felt like I was going to cry, because it seemed like he cried FOREVER! He screamed for FORTY-FIVE WHOLE MINUTES! It was awful...poor thing! Anyway, he finally quit crying, so I gave him about 5 minutes to make sure that he had not found a toy to play with...then I went in to check on him...this is what I found :)...

Can you believe that he fell asleep in this position? Poor kid! He was determined that I was going to come get him out of the bed! He cried for so long & hard that he was sweating! I felt so terrible for letting him cry for that long, BUT I couldn't help but giggle when I found him like this! I sure hope tomorrow night goes better than tonight! My heart just can't take hearing my precious angel scream like that! But all of my friends that are moms SWEAR BY this method? I'll let ya know!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Camo...All boys should have some? Right?

Well, we have officially become a camo wearing little man! Great...but I have to admit, it is pretty cute! Logan went to his first hunting extravaganza with Craig & his Dad last weekend! They bought him some Mossy Oak Breakup (I think that is how you say it) Camo! Craig was so proud! I put it on him today when we went to Helen's (Craig's grandmother) house for lunch! Here we are on our way to Grandma's house! I'm not really sure what this face is? :)

Logan with Grandpa...wearing his camo that he bought for him of course!

Logan found some animal statues of a dog & cat that Helen has at her house...he couldn't really figure out why they weren't running from him like ours do?!? It was cute!

Anyway, we had a great day in our camo & Daddy was so proud of him wearing it! :) Oh yea, & we have to turn the hat around backwards if we want Logan to keep it on his head...if he can see the hat, then he pulls it off to play with it!

The Newest Mayo Family Member...Sophie

So, we moved to a new (old) house that actually has a yard & I suppose I decided that we should have our own zoo? When the former owners moved out, they decided it would be a good idea to leave their cat (blackberry...long story) ANYWAY... My hubbs has always wanted a chocolate Labrador being the awesomely sweet wife that I am (hahahahaha...whatever) I thought it would be nice to carry out that dream for him, so here.... I introduce Sophie!

She is also supposed to be this sweet little hunting dog, that will be Craig's hunting buddy eventually....however I think that she is already a trader!.... What do you think? think this is so cute...I can't even take credit for this picture! My niece and nephew (Lexi & Drake) Did this while they were at my house! They got some of Logan's stuffed deer & put them around Sophie! I thought it was too cute & had to get this picture for Craig of his "hunting" dog!


Nose Picker?

What to do with our little man? He has discovered that it may be fun to put his finger in your nose! However, I do have to give him a little credit...he likes to put that same little pointer in your eye, your mouth, & your ear if you are turned the right way! is Logan trying to put his finter in Daddy's nose!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Logan is already 9 months old?

I mean, where does the time go? I swear I was just pregnant yesterday & now I have a crawling, about to be walking almost 10 month old? How did that happen? I just wish that I could freeze time right now & soak up every single moment with my precious child! I just don't even know how to stress how fast it flies! I am rambling...anyway.....Here are some of my favorite pictures of my beautiful baby boy from this month!

What about this belly? How cute? Of course we can't play IN the exersaucer anymore, only outside of it! Because being INSIDE of it would mean he would be trapped! :)

Let me just tell you about this kid's slobber!?! It is endless & some kind of thick! How do they produce this stuff? I mean, one good string could stretch from one end of our house to the other, I SWEAR! :)Love to play in the bathtub! Do all kids love the water this much? Alfalfa hair-do is in!This is Logan's basket of toys at his Great Grandma's house....that yellow ball was a great source of entertainment for Logan's parents the first night he saw it! It scared him half to death! it was the first time we had ever seen Logan get scared of an object & it was truly funny! Yes...there is a special place in hell for us for laughing at our child...but I promise..You would have laughed too!

Logan and His Grandpa Mayo
Logan & Acey at breakfast at Primo's
Logan's 1st time to fall asleep in his highchair...
...notice how he still has a grip on that toy! :)

Logan, Logan....

I did pretty good for a while sending out pictures of Logan...but then that came to a screeching stop! So here is a catch up session on Logan's growth! I love pictures! So here are some of my favorite ones over the past months....then I'll be all caugh up, catching everyone up! :)

Logan at 5 months old....
at his first baseball game...we went to watch my brother Eric play at Hinds.

Cheering Eric on!
This is Logan's 1st time wearing a hat....
of course...Logan and his cutie little friend...Acey Claire
Logan at 6 months old.....
checking out himself in the mirror.... now checking me out...
now trying to give himself a kiss.... :)
kisses from Daddy...
Logan at 7 months old....
1st time in pool...
What can I say? It's Rubber Ducky!?!

Logan at 8 months old...
His 1st time in the grass....He loved it

I mean? What can you say about this?

Alrighty then...that catches you up on some pics over the past several months that I have fallen behind on emails...Sorry! ;) Hope you enjoy! Logan just woke Il'l try to get some 9 month pictures up this afternoon!

Getting Married and then....

I married a wonderful man, Craig, on May 21, 2005 in Destin, Florida. It was the most awesome wedding ever! (of course I think so anyway) We have been living in Brandon, MS since then. We had a baby on October 11, 2007, Logan Brooks Mayo. We just recently moved to a new (actually old) house in Brandon. We are living in a remodel....I recommend to never do that! Oh yea, and I started school AGAIN in May(to become a nurse practitioner). That pretty much catches you up on the Mayo's! :) Short & Sweet are not my strong I'm pretty glad I could put all that in such few words! :)

Trying out the Blog....

I'm going to try out this blog thing, so that I can keep people updated on our little family...but for now, Logan is doing a little of this........ so I'll have to work on this later! :) At least I got started, right? ;) Isn't that a great picture to start off our blog?!?