Friday, February 27, 2009

Logan feeding Lilly!

So Logan has decided that it is great fun to feed Lilly (our little dog). Lilly is not totally in love with Logan, because she knows that anytime Logan has food...she is gonna get some too!! Here is a little sample of the laughter from the other night!!! He also gets very impatient waiting on my crackers to feed her!!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

We live in the SOUTH!

So here are a few things I learned from my sister-in-law's blog today. . . we are from the south & don't know about stuff from the north! :) They got a buttload of snow this week like 9-12 inches total or something like that? What ? What family from Mississippi knows what to do with that? Here is a picture of how deep they had to shovel to get to the ground.....

I know I don't. So what I loved on her blog is that they figured out something that we don't have in the south. I suppose that when they got there (they moved to Minnesota for Shea's job), they noticed these sticks that stood out of the ground that had red tops on them that lined the streets...they didn't have any idea what they were for! Well they figured it out on their first snow day...they are so that you know where the road is?!? What the hell...I'm gonna stay here in Mississippi. I mean, we have people that can't drive when they CAN see the road...much less when they have to look for red-topped sticks!?! :)

I also love know that the neighbors know these people aren't from ANYWHERE that it snows on a regular basis!!!!!

I'm glad they love the snow!!! :) So funny!

I miss you Shea, Shaun, Lexi, & Drake! Have more fun in the snow for this southern-gal that surely won't be seeing anything like that here in Mississippi!!!! I stole these pics from your blog, Shaun! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day at the Park!

Logan & I went to the park the other day with his cousins, Lexi & Drake, his Aunt Shaun, & Nana! He had so much fun! He absolutely LOVES to play outside. He is all the time going to the window or pointing to the door & sais "OUTSIDE!" He loves it! :)

Swinging with Nana...

Cutie Pie Drake having fun on the swing! :)

Who knows?...

Lady Tarzan Lexi!

Swinging away...

Just walking around being nosey!

Tiny Tunnels....

I'm OUTSIDE Mommy!!! :)