Monday, September 28, 2009

Drivers Test

I took the written drivers test when I was 14 years old. I made a 100% on it back then. I saw this posting on another friends blog, so I decided to try it out....shows you what I retained during that cram session! Hahahaha
Could you pass a driving test?

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I was in the computer room doing some homework, and Craig was in the next room giving Logan a bath. All of the sudden I hear Logan sing his ABC's all the way through (mostly anyway). I could not believe it! That kiddo never stops amazing me! How do they grow up so fast? How do they do this much before 2 years old? Gotta love it! Going to try to get some video of it!!

Kenny Chesney in Biloxi

Prior to having the kiddos Michael, Lori, Craig & I loved going to different concerts....well sort of, mainly just Kenny. Anyway, we went to our first Kenny concert since having the babes. It was much needed & lots of fun. We just wished we could have stayed a little longer. Anyway, we also figured out that we can't party like we used to. Buncha wimps! Here are a few of the pics from the hotel & that night.

Our room at the Hard Rock...that was the most comfy bed I have ever slept in!!


Other side of the room....


People were actually tailgating prior to the concert?


Waiting on the concert to start...




Miranda Lambert opened for Kenny. She was pretty good.

okay, so I just cannot take a picture of myself. I tried & TRIED to take a pic of me and the Lori at the concert....I finally gave up! Couldn't even look at the right place!


Somebody having a little bit of fun during the concert....and had a little fun prior to the concert! ;)

I'm not really sure how this happened? I think Terry traded his lei (Hawaiian necklace pictured above) for this apron? He even talked the person into letting him cook his own hamburger? Who knows...wish I could have heard that conversation.


Later on....are you really that tired, Terry, that you can yawn through Kenny?


After a long night of Kenny...arguing over who is gonna be in the picture! ;) As you can see, Michael stuck in the middle of Craig & Lori I think. ;)


Lori & me at the Hard Rock Casino & Hotel after the concert.


Craig & Michael after the concert. We can tell someone had fun. ;)

Took this one for Logan ....he LOVES guitars!! or as he calls it "cootar"

Hard Rock Cafe entrance...

This is why I take the pictures! My hubby can't work the camera?


Is someone happy about me taking pictures? That is smartass grin if I ever saw one!

At the bar, this old lady...I mean seriously she was really older than us....she looked like she was in her late 50's or so....she was hitting on Craig! She told him several times that she was "interested"! How gross is that!? But it was SOOO funny too! Look how up in his personal space she was!!!!


time to go huh, Lori?.

How about this post is about the Kenny concert & there isn't a single picture of Kenny on here? Huh.

Monday, September 14, 2009


It is amazing how much little ones change in the very first year! I put together this little pic of Logan from each month of his first year. I just wanted to see in one setting how much he changed from month to month. It's crazy.

I'm working on the 2nd year right now....

Friday, September 4, 2009

Logan's BFF!

I just wanted to post some pictures of my little man's BFF, Acey Claire. She is the cutest little thing!

I just LOVE this face! Priceless. Truely.

Natural Science Museum

Lori & I took Logan & Acey to the Natural Science Museum today. It was Logan's first time & he had a BLAST!! Logan can be a handful & I was really worried about taking him without a stroller! It was the best thing ever! Logan & Acey ran free throughout the museum & were more happy than I could possibly imagine! Freedom Rocks! Logan's eyes were lit up the entire time we were there! He just LOVED seeing all of the animals & fish. As soon as we got there he saw some deer that they had on display. He immediately screamed "BIG BUCK". . .good training there Daddy. Craig would have been so proud! :)

Breaking the law....going under the ropes...

When we got off of the elevator on the first floor, the first thing that Logan spotted was the Dinosaur skeleton exhibit. For those of you who know Logan, know that he L-O-V-E-S the Backyardagains (a Nickelodeon show), anyway. . .there is one episode that has a museum exhibit like this, with a dinosaur. He knew it was a dino as soon as he saw it! It was so cute!

Wonder what she was saying? Probably something funny!
Little Captains. . .

This little play area was called the The Bone Yard. They LOVED it. It has this tiny little tunnel that they could run through. This is the faces of them chasing each other after going through the tunnel...running back to the beginning to go through it again! They were SOOO excited! Too cute!

Logan climbs on everything! And when he does he says...."Mama, I climb!"

One brief second of sitting...rare, VERY rare.

I'm not really sure what he was calling this thing...but he loved it. (shocker. . .he loved it all!!)

The museum has a Preschool Room. It has a big tree that has steps up one side of it & then you go down a slide on the other side. It is so cute. It also has a playhouse on the inside of the tree. It has a little window coming out of the true, so is Logan climbing through the window!

Acey coming down the slide...

Such a boy...gotta go UP the slide, can't ever do it the right way ( let me rephrase that, he IS doing it HIS "right" way!)

Acey trying to get under the ropes at the Monsters of the Sea exhibit...

THE FISH! (pronounced "pish")
They loved all of the fish! I think we could have stayed in this section pretty much all day!
Big eyed about some fish. . . Who knew?
The Frog...who knew it was a ride?
Can't see Logan here, because he was giving Acey a sweet.
They loved EVERYTHING, even the random plant here and there? hum?

And its a wrap....time to G.O.!

They can only take so much fun! They were so good this morning! I was so proud of our little people! ;)