Friday, November 12, 2010

Public Announcement

Well, if you'll notice I've changed my countdown calender at the bottom of my blog (b/c I know you all pay soooo much attention to every aspect of my blog!?) to a countdown that reflects the last day of school instead of GRADUATION. Yes, I will still be graduating, BUT...I won't be finished with school.....

Yes for those of you who are asking, I AM crazy! I will be graduating as a family nurse practitioner in December, but I've decided to continue on with my freaking everlasting education. I've decided that family practice is just not for me. I took a job as a nurse practitioner in the Pediatric ICU where I currently work. However, in order for me to work in that unit, I have to have a more specialized degree in pediatric care. So i'll have another freakin year! Yep, ANOTHER YEAR OF SCHOOL????????????? WTH am I thinking? Who knows?

Anyway, I've decided that with all that, walking at graduation just isn't worth it. I'm not really finished & that is supposed to symbolize an END, of which I'm not at yet, and also ...been there, done that. Ya know? Anyway, so that is just a little info for you if you wanted it!?!

Off to another year of bitching about being sick of school....


I shall post yet another countdowner when I find out my new schedule!?!


  1. You have lost your damn mind. seriously....

  2. Yep I have. You are right. But hey. Takes one to know one!? Aren't you getting yet another degree yourself??? Uh huh. That's what I thought. ;)

  3. You're my hero! I could not do it. I mean I took one graduate class and couldn't do it with kids, work, etc...! WOW!!! I am in awe girl! You rock!

    Melanie Dees